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The Five Corners Vision

​The Bates Land development is a great idea that has been sitting on the shelf for decades. The community's desire for growth and development has remained constant and Five Corners Properties aims to bring that vision to life. The Leadership team at Five Corners Properties has a long history of supporting local businesses, non-profit organizations, and residents in the area, making the development of Bate's Land an extension of their legacy of community leadership.

The proposed development is a comprehensive solution that aims to provide a mix of residential, commercial, and community spaces by increasing the housing capacity and creating a refurbished commercial district.  The Five Corners Properties team seeks to enhance the quality of life in the area by including a community hub to connect people and create a vibrant, thriving community while preserving the culture and heritage of Bible Hill.

bates plot.png
Bike Trail

Active community and walkable designs will inspire this development.
Our goal is to reduce barriers to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

About Five Corners Properties

Five Corners Properties is an ambitious group of successful local businesspeople who have come together with a common purpose: to give individuals, families and businesses a modern community while preserving the culture and heritage of Colchester County.

We are investing in our community and providing housing options for Colchester families.

This is a made-in-Colchester solution to

bring Nova Scotian working families together. 
This project will give people the opportunity to work closer to home.


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